What is it YOU want?

No matter how much I am about service, adding value, trying to help others, inspire, sometimes you need to also BE the example of what you teach, right? So sometimes, life just needs to be enjoyed! What life do you enjoy? What things would you like to just try on occasionally?

In this video I share some thoughts on how we do this and why, and of course the best sunset I HAVE SEEN ALL YEAR;-)  But if you really want to build a life without compromising either the business you want to build to serve the world or your life, join me for my brand new webinar.

“Acupuncturists, chiropractors, coaches, artists, urban planners, architects, speakers, trainers, magicians, graphic designers, funeral planners — anybody can benefit from taking a fresh look at how you’re building your company without compromising your life!.”

What game-changing insights are waiting for you? Join us for the next Live Webinar in Januari and let’s find out. Our webinars tend to fill up quickly. Register now!

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The origins of your wounds around money

The character traits that you have developed because of it

How this plays out in relationships

How this plays out in your relationship with money

What the strengths are of this money wound

What your weakness is and how to fix it

I hope to see you there!

Suze Maclaine Pont